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False and True
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False and True

A Manager told VanOuse, “There’s a Company policy
prohibiting e-cigarette use.”
VanOuse said, “No there isn’t.”

As it turned out, what the Manager said was false, and what
VanOuse said was true.

The Company said, “We don’t need one because they violate
the City’s Smoking Ordnance.”
VanOuse said, “No they don’t.”

Again, Company statement = false, VanOuse statement = true.

The Company said, “The Ordnance language, ‘any other smoking
equipment,’ includes e-cigs.” False.
VanOuse said, “No, it doesn’t.” True.

(VanOuse asked the City Clerk, who referred him to the City
Attorney, who responded in writing that e-cigs don’t violate the Ordnance,
which VanOuse promptly forwarded to the Company and Union.)

The Company claimed that the Union agrees with them that the
language in the CBA allowing e-cig use means that they’re prohibited. The Union
said, “False.” Were they actually in agreement, the Union would have said,

A Manager then told VanOuse, “There’s a Company policy
prohibiting e-cig use.” False.
VanOuse said, “No there isn’t.” True.

Full Circle.

After punishing VanOuse and threatening him with punishment
several times for being correct in every instance, an Executive said, “Company
policy is that use of e-cigs is smoking.”

That position would violate the language in the CBA allowing
their use. Were it true, the language itself violates Local and State Ordnance.
It cannot be True.

When you refuse to publish your policies, you can say
whatever you feel, unencumbered by Truth. What the Company did publish was its “Core
Values,” including, “Integrity:”

this core value means that everything we build, we build on trust.
We inspire confidence by honestly saying what we mean and clearly doing what we
We foster a mindset of reliability and respect.
We know that reputation is built by following the highest ethical standards…

Is this True or False? How does one
build trust when everything they say proves False? How does one inspire
confidence by refusing to publish their policy? Does punishing those who
maintain their Integrity foster reliability and respect? What reputation do
these “ethical standards” produce?

This is not about e-cigs. It’s
about Integrity. True.

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